Saturday, June 5, 2010

Last Night's FAME

Who would have thought that Doral, Florida would be the home to some of Miami's hottest emerging talent in fashion, art, music and entertainment? Held at the Doral Park Country Club, was FAME, hosted by SITV's Latina star, Sasha Cabrera. There was live entertainment on the main stage from the all-girl rock band, The New, as well as beats by DJ Crutch. The highlight of the night was duo Jeannine Prats and Ketty Hernandez, introducing their line Trouble X2. Artwork was displayed by yours truly, GusColors, in addition to Joel Blanco, Autumn Ariana, Ivan Galindo and a live painting by Floyd the Rock Artist.

The event received a lot of press, including the Miami New Times and a representative of the Miami Herald was in attendance. From last night's outcome and the number of people there is proof that these emerging artist's will have more than just last night to get their names out there.

Iris Vera, coordinator of the show, was beyond pleased by the work done in preparation of the event, also the work done by the staff of DPCC, the vendors and all participants. In speaking with Iris, who is an artist herself, she knows some of the financial struggles of young, emerging artists. She wanted FAME to be an affordable option for everyone to enjoy. "Some shows charge outrageous prices for participants, and I hate covers," she had said. Her vision of the show was to get names out there and wanted everyone who was there to enjoy the night. I must say, her mission was accomplished.

FAME was a great event to start the summer for GusColors. He is finishing up a new painting and is preparing for his 3-month exhibition at Miami Design District's Art Fusion Gallery, which represents over 700 artists worldwide. The exhibition, Transluminescent Fantasies, begins July 1st.

On behalf of GusColors, as well as last night's artists, thank you for your support of the arts.


Gus and Char on the Red Carpet

Gabriel Ramirez, GusColors, Luis Benivades

Floyd the Rock Artist

Models and Designers of Trouble X2

To view more photos from last night, visit the GusColors Facebook Fan Page

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